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Ruggaard & Associates Selects a Director of Research and Part-Owner


Ryan P. Ruggaard has taken an ownership role in Ruggaard & Associates and is now the Director of Research for the firm. He is responsible for defining and implementing the investment strategy and processes. 

 “Since early in my career, I knew I wanted to save enough capital to build an investment management firm that cared about client outcomes, invested for the long haul and fostered a motivating workplace culture where people wanted to stay,” Ryan says, noting that from a young age he had learned the lesson that investing wisely can compound your wealth — and that he’d wanted to be an entrepreneur like his parents. “And I’ve realized that this dream already exists at Ruggaard & Associates. I’m very glad to play on the same team as Randy and John, continuing to build upon this solid 30-year foundation of great service and client outcomes.”

 As a boy, Ryan would sneak into his basement to watch CNBC with Randy. If the tickers were green, the Ruggaards would go out for ice cream. Ruggaard & Associates was founded when Ryan was just 4, so he got a front row seat watching it grow from an acorn into a tree while he grew up alongside it, learning all the way. Growing up in this business, he says, is one of the many reasons he’s in the investment profession today.

 “It's impressive what Randy has been able to grow. I want to contribute to growing the business and continuing to do well for our clients like he has,” Ryan says. “I look forward to delivering the same great level of service for the next 30 years.”

Getting to Know Ryan and His Experience with Investment Research

Ryan enjoyed starting businesses in high school and, in his professional career, finding and learning about intriguing new companies. These interests and his natural curiosity led him to a career in investment research. 

While spending more than a decade working in research for investment firms like Credit Suisse, Driehaus Capital Management and Bard Associates, Ryan soaked up as much as he could but wasn’t satisfied to sit behind a desk, reading reports. So, he also financed his own research trips abroad, looking for great undiscovered companies and researching them firsthand. 

“I’d visit clinics, factories and stores so I could interact with the people behind the business, understanding the culture and how the business was built,” Ryan says. Already fluent in Spanish and German, Ryan also picked up enough Swedish and Danish along the way to use these languages in business settings. 

“When you open yourself to learning someone’s home language and show an interest in their customs, you transform that relationship,” he says — just ask him about Fika. Ryan’s curiosity and openness have helped him build a vast global network of people, gaining deep experience in the research trenches.

“I have had boots on the ground in many countries, and I can’t wait to share that knowledge with our clients at Ruggaard & Associates,” Ryan says. Ultimately, he sees his role as helping Ruggaard & Associates make sound investment decisions that continue helping clients reach their financial goals and realize their own version of the American Dream. 

“I hope my research will help us constantly evaluate investments in a changing world. My experience doing this work in the trenches puts us in a great position to drive good outcomes for our clients.”

What Our Clients Can Expect

Ryan looks forward to reconnecting with longtime Ruggaard & Associates clients — and helping to welcome new ones. Though Randy and John will continue as your main points of contact, Ryan’s research will inform their portfolio decisions. At times, he will join client meetings to share his findings and explain developing trends, making sure you understand the reasons behind your investments.

“Client retention at Ruggaard & Associates is extremely high compared with the industry standard, and we’re very proud of that,” Ryan says. “Because our clients stay with us, many have known me for a while as ‘Ryan, Randy’s son,’ so I look forward to sharing what I learn with them and helping them to get to know me as ‘Ryan, the professional.’” His work delving deeply into companies will help inform investment decisions so Ruggaard & Associates can continue to build the wealth of the next generation.

Ryan’s Philosophy on Investing and Investment Research 

 "The world changes, and if you don't pay attention and adapt to it, you could get left behind in business," Ryan says. Ryan works with his network to keep up with the world’s changing trends. As he does, he searches for the next success stories by looking for companies at the intersection of great ideas and good financials. 

 If he wasn’t a professional investor, Ryan says he’d still meet with companies and research stocks but admits that it’s more rewarding to do it as a career that helps him help others.

 “I want to help people retire without worrying about how to pay bills. When we do our job well, they can live their best life and simply enjoy their retirement,” he says, adding that investing is truly accessible to everyone and can help them build their wealth.

 “Even for someone who can save only a little, the million-dollar dream is still alive if they’re consistent,” he says. “Investing isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon that can be decades in the making. That’s why we help clients not only develop a plan, but also stay the course and adjust as needed.”

Ryan has already gotten his hands dirty and looks forward to helping clients improve outcomes and overcome challenging times. 

“Over the last 30 years, my parents have built a great firm, and I’m thrilled to help continue the family legacy of making a positive impact on clients’ lives.”