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Ruggaard & Associates Selects a New Vice President and Part-Owner

When he joined Ruggaard & Associates in 2018, John had a decade in financial planning under his belt. Both he and Randy Ruggaard, President and Founder of Ruggaard & Associates, were hopeful that he would eventually become a part-owner. “We’re glad that John has decided to commit long term to Ruggaard & Associates and our clients,” says Randy. “He’s not only great at helping clients make sound financial decisions, but also simplifying sophisticated investment and planning concepts to make sure they understand the reasons behind those decisions. John says that helping clients take control of their financial picture to support their goals and desired lifestyle is what he most enjoys in his career.

“When I decided to go into financial planning, it was because it would allow me to go beyond managing money or choosing investments,” says John. “I’d get to help people plan the best version of their lives and then forge a path to achieve their goals.”

John’s Approach to Financial Planning

For John, it’s more powerful to talk with clients about the workings of their life than just focusing on dollars and cents. That’s why he starts with a top-down overview, helping clients understand the broad perspectives of their financial life and plans. From his experience he knows the right time to ask the right questions that uncover important details.

“From there, we can come down to the nitty gritty and drive smart decisions to achieve their goals,” he says of customizing plans for Ruggaard & Associates clients. “John and I have created many financial plans that provide a blueprint for clients to achieve their goals” says Randy. “It’s very rewarding for us to share in the excitement when they buy a new home or retire soon than expected. We enjoy helping them accomplish their dreams.”

John notes how important it is to get both partners’ perspectives when working with couples. After all, every couple has a different dynamic, a different balance of roles and their own priorities. Beyond helping clients manage present needs, plan for their futures and stay the course, John enjoys the moments when you can see their hard work coming to fruition.

“One of the best parts of the job is congratulating clients when they can buy a vacation home they’ve been saving for or when one of their kids graduates and heads to college. Of course, we’re also glad when we can help them turn things around during challenging and scary times—like after losing a job,” John says of his role as a financial advisor. “We’re not just money managers. We want to help them plan and manage every aspect of their finances so they can make the right decisions along the way.”

Moving forward, John looks forward to getting to know even more clients, developing strong relationships with them and helping them realize their plans and goals. He wants all Ruggaard & Associates clients to know that, as part-owner, he’ll maintain the exceptional personal service to which they’ve grown accustomed.