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Striving for Higher Client Engagement

As Ruggaard and Associates, Inc.  celebrates 25 years in business, founder and owner Randy Ruggaard pondered what is next for his advisory firm. While starting Ruggaard & Associates, Inc. many years ago was challenging at times, Randy knew his core beliefs of trust, skill, and integrity would create a successful business model. Another key factor in the firm’s growth was the use of software.  But wait, isn’t technology a more recent trend in business, one might ask?  How could that have benefitted the firm for the past 25 years? Well, Randy was an early adopter of software applications and technology.  A factor in his success was implementing performance reporting software and giving his clients a measurement tool with the quarterly reports.  This approach gave him the ability to translate investment results in a way not many advisors were doing then or even today.  Clients were able to see their investments generating real wealth accumulation over time.  These business tools set the firm apart from other advisors and helped build long-term relationships with clients.

So, what’s next?  How could a successful financial planning firm with long-standing clients improve on their services?  We are happy to announce new initiatives for deeper client engagement and enriching communication with existing and future clients.  While client satisfaction has always been our top priority, we’re excited to utilize the latest technology once again and serve our clients through our new state-of-the-art website at www.ruggaard.net.  On the new website is our BLOG with posts concerning economic outlooks, financial planning information, investment commentary, and news from Ruggaard & Associates, Inc., all designed to keep you well informed.

 Over the coming months and years, clients will benefit from new technologies which expand the firm’s role in creating their financial independence.  Ruggaard & Associates, Inc.  will have some very exciting news in the next few months that will impact clients’ needs and our desire for transparency within our partnership towards financial independence.

We look forward to continuously providing the high-quality expertise and integrity our clients expect. Client feedback has been positive as evidenced by our existing long term relationships.  We repeatedly hear “Keep up the good work.”  While it is apparent we have been doing things well for many years, we’re very grateful for our clients’ loyalty and support.  Improving our services can only make the future brighter.  We look forward to continuing to help clients reach their financial goals. Please feel free to pass along our blog or share via the below social media options.

Check back frequently or sign up for our blogto stay updated on the latest financial planning news, investment commentary, economic announcements, and please feel free to share this news. 

 The Ruggaard & Associates Team